Plumbing Books that help you with your training

If you’re considering training as a plumber then there are some great books that can help you with your training, they are a great way to help you prepare to get your head around what you’ll be learning once you start on your plumbing course. And they will be a great reference for you during your training.

Plumbing NVQ & Technical Certificate Level 2 Student Book

plumbing booksThis book is an absolute must for anyone who is studying and preparing for their exams and who are looking for that extra bit of support and guidance. Students will appreciate the practical and very visual lay out of the book, making it that much easier to digest all the information that is provided.

JTL have joined in partnership with the authors to create this very useful book and if you didn’t already know JTL are the top training providers for plumbing and electrical installation.

With the book you will also receive a CD which will give you even greater help and guidance, when preparing for your exams. You’ll be able to experience exam like questions in multiple choice assessments.

The book is very straight forward, making it easier for students to understand when faced with technical concepts. At the end of each unit you’ll be able to test yourself to see how you’re getting on with the end of unit knowledge tests.
There is also a new chapter included in the book which covers employer’s rights and also responsibilities.

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Plumbing Illustrated Dictionary: A Practical A-Z Guide

book iconFor students who want to make learning that much easier this is the book to invest in. It’s that much easier than many of the others on the market because it is highly visible and very hands on, whilst offering a wealth of information.

The book enjoys full colour and is illustrated in such a way it makes learning and digesting all the information that is provided that much better.
The information given is up to date with all the definitions, explanations and is fully cross referenced.

Apprentices and fully qualified tradesmen will appreciate all the information that is provided in the book, helping them throughout their working lives. If you’re an apprentice you will find this book very handy when looking for specific information, which will make learning you trade so much easier.

You’ll also be able to enjoy extra practical information where you will be shown how to put into practice what you have learned throughout the book. You will also be given step by step guidance and advice on many of the key procedures and techniques that you are likely to be faced with in your trade.

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Plumbing: The Complete Guide to Professional Plumbing

book iconPlumbing is a fantastic career choice and is becoming very popular as a trade. This book is ideal if you’re studying for a plumbing course or are thinking about starting up a new plumbing business. Throughout the book you’ll gain expert knowledge and advice on all aspects of the plumbing trade.

You’ll be guided through the tools that are required for different jobs, health and safety and preparation. Throughout the chapters you’ll be introduced to jointing methods, fixings and sealants, waste systems, isolating water services, earthing, testing procedures and maintenance.

Once you have gained knowledge on each of these subjects you can then move forward onto the projects section. During this section you’ll learn how to install a w.c, basin, bath, kitchen sink, outdoor taps, water cylinders and radiators.

Each of these projects are broken down and explained easily. You can enjoy visual references throughout the book, which can only be of great benefit, making learning that little bit easier.

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Plumbing NVQ & Technical Certificate Level 3 Student Book

book iconThis book is a best seller and it’s not hard to see why it’s very user friendly and allows students to gain the full range of the theory underpinning the 2004 NVQ and Technical Certificate Level 2 and 3.

You will be able to gain all the knowledge that students, trades people and tutors have to know about their trade. The expert authors of JTL have made this book so that’s it’s presented in a clear, straightforward way and is easy to use.

The book itself is in full colour and is very highly illustrated giving a photographic approach to the basic principles of plumbing. The information is presented in different formats which enhances learning.

It’s the perfect companion for students and is focused on making life easier for them, you’ll gain all the knowledge that meets the highest of standards, with information that is easy to digest.

The book is presented in straightforward language, is concise and the information is broken down in such a way that it makes even the most technical of concepts easier to digest.

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