How much do plumbing courses cost?

Plumbing training course costs can vary widely depending on what and how much training you need to do. If you have no previous experience in plumbing and want to take a full time course that teaches you everything you need to get your plumbing NVQ level 2 then that sort of courses can cost anywhere up to around £5000 depending on which course provider you choose.

Another cost to factor in if you are doing the full time course is are you going to travel to the training centre every day or will you have to say in lodgings; either way you will need to be aware of these extra expenses.

Estimated Costs (2015)

  • Full Time Intensive: £3000 – £5000 est.
  • Part Time: Same as intensive only spread over a period of time.
  • Individual Modules: £400 – £600 est.

The costs at first can seem quite expensive but you’ve really got to think about it as an investment in your future, and giving you a career that is always going to be in demand.

Also as a fully qualified plumber you could expect to earn between £24,000 – £35,000 per year depending on where you live and how much work you are able to undertake.