How much do plumbers earn?

It’s a question that’s going to be fairly high up on the agenda of anyone thinking of training as a plumber in the UK. After all these courses aren’t cheap; so, what sort of wage can you expect to be on after you have finished training as a plumber?

According to The Office of National Statistics the average annual wage for a plumber in the UK is £27,706 as of Nov 2014.

However, there are many factors to be taken into consideration. Things like are you going to be employed or work for yourself? Obviously the more work you can do the more money you’ll earn.
Where in the country you are going to be based, it’s well known that you can make more money in the South East of England; but then again the cost of living there is also a lot higher.

Whatever part of the UK you are planning on working from, or what type of employment status you choose as you can see from the official figures above a plumbers wage is not to be sniffed at!