Frequently Asked Questions

In case you have any questions about our site we’ve put this faq page, because although we try to respond to every email we get, sometimes we are unable to personally answer every one, asking various questions, so we hope this helps to answer a few questions you may have about us.

Who is and what do you do? is a website developed to help people get a clearer understanding of the paths you must take in order to become qualified plumbers in the UK. We try to ex pain what the correct courses and qualifications you’ll need to become plumbers and help you find reputable training centres around the UK.

Although as a website we’ve no physical address, we’re currently working from and live in Bridgend, South Wales.

Do you run plumbing training courses?

No, we do not run training centres ourselves.

Can you advise me of a training course near me?

Yes, we can help you find training courses near you, check out our plumbing training centres map and see if there’s one near you.

If there is not a training centre near you on our map keep checking back as we constantly try and improve our database all the time.

If it’s not on the map then the odds are we don’t know about it yet.

What is the right course for me?

That all depends on your experience, ranging from if your completely new to plumbing or are a skilled plumber but want to gain your NVQ.

We recommend you read this article: How to become a plumber.

I run a training centre how do I get listed?

If you run a plumbing training centre and want to be included on our site please get in touch using the contact form on the contact us page.

After verifying your information we’d be happy to add you.

Who uses

People who are interested in training to be plumbers in the UK.